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Δευτέρα, Απριλίου 02, 2007

EW2007: Second day of the conference

So, I can't believe the fact that I am in Paris at the moment! The city is simply unbelievable! I can't find words to describe it. Wherever you go, you get amazed by the traditional buildings and by how picturesque the environment is.

This is the second day of the conference and now while I am making this post, I am in the web room of the ENSTA where the conference is held! I must notice that the lab is quite small with very few PCs but fortunately, we can access Internet thanks to the HotSpot installed in the area of the building, which provides Internet access for free.

Unfortunately, I can't upload any photos from the hundreds I have already taken, due to the fact that the PCs don't have any card reader. Consequently, I must wait till my return to Greece! I will upload several of them and I am also thinking of uploading some on flickr or photobucket.

In a while, we are going to leave ENSTA to continue our walks in the magical city of Paris. Probably we are going to visit the museum of the Louvre in the afternoon and before that we are going to Monmartre!!

PS. As you can spot, I cannot write in Greek because there is no such selection in this PC. But thanks God, we all know English and we can communicate like this! Hehe!!